Core Values



Biblical Authority
The Scriptures are Gods Word to man. This is the first and final authority in a believer’s life. The scriptures are the basis for our Christian belief and living. Ps.119:89-91, Jn.1:1-4, 2 Tim.3:16


Build the Family
God created the first family. Redemptions story is Gods’ desire for a family. Building strong families is the center of health in our society and churches. Ex.12:3, Ps.65:6


Healthy Relationships
Relationships are the conduit of life. Building healthy relationships is the way life is shared and experienced. Godly fellowship is the essential environment that nurtures growth and promotes biblical discipleship. Eph.2:19-22, Eph.4:16, I Jn.1:7


God is honored in Excellence
God is honored in excellence. This is my attitude in serving God and representing Him well in all I do. A spirit of excellence expresses my honor of Jesus Christ and my respect for the advancement of the Kingdom of God. Dan.6:3, 1 Cor.10:31


Leadership Development
Everything rises and falls on leadership. It is vital to develop a leadership culture that purposefully seeks to strengthen and develop people. The heart of leadership is servitude. The responsibility of leadership is equipping. This empowers believers to serve God faithfully in their God-given assignment. Matt.20:26-28, Eph.4:12, Phil. 2:5-8, 2 Tim.2:2


Wise Stewardship
God has entrusted us with precious resources (time, talents, treasures, relationships and ministry). Therefore, we are expected to manage these wisely for the advancement of His Kingdom, of which I will give an account to God. Luke 16:10-12, 1 Pet.4:10, 2 Cor.5:9-10


Global Evangelism
People really matter to God. The Great Commission is penetrating the unbelieving community with the love and Gospel of Jesus Christ, which has the power to turn unbelievers from the power of sin unto personal faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Matt.28:18, Acts 26:16-18, Rm.1:16


Passionate Worship
A quality of the heart, that expresses the value of God, which is cherished and adored. This results in a devoted life that is committed to honoring God and serving Him passionately. Jos.24:14-15, Matt. 4:10, Mark 12:30, Jn.4:23-24


Christ-centered Character
This is the process of maturing the character of the living Christ in the life of a believer. This is not something we produce religiously; it is something that is produced in us relationally as we abide in Christ. The fruit of character is to be reflected in the practical areas of everyday life. (Home, Church, Business, Recreation, Relationships) John 15:1-5, Phil.1:6, Phil.2:12-13, Rm.8:29, Col.3:10, Gal.5:16,22-25