Philosophy of Ministry



The most effective ministry of the 21st century will be devoted to building healthy relationships that purpose to strengthen people to practice faith in God where they live and empower them with hope to fulfill their divine assignment.  This is accomplished by providing an environment where people can discover and connect with God in a genuine, relevant and relational way.

“Then Jonathan, Saul’s son, arose and went to David in the woods and strengthened his hand in God.” 1 Sam.23:16


The Foundation Of Ministry
Relationship With God


The ultimate goal is to help people experience a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Many people have a sincere love for God, but they don’t know how to encounter a genuine relationship with Him. They have become disillusioned with “religious practices” yet recognize their desire for a deeper relationship with God. The solutions for life’s journey are in the pages of God’s Word (Ps.119:130, Pr.6:23). Fulfillment in life comes through a genuine relationship with Jesus Christ. My intention is to promote ministry that facilitates a personal encounter with Jesus Christ while encouraging growth through His Word. The bottom line is to help people connect with God.

The Vision of ministry
Build the Family


One of the loneliest places in the world today is in a crowd. People inherently desire to be part of a family; an environment where they experience a real sense of belonging. God created the first family. The heart of the gospel message is the redemptive work of Jesus Christ. Redemptions story is about family. This act was the purposeful pursuit by God to express His love for people and reveal His desire for a family, which He intended to share His life with for eternity. My vision is centered on the building of family with two expressions.


  1. The family unit – A commitment to provide the quality and diversity of ministry that strengthens the whole family in God. Christ-centered ministry should enhance family relationships, not exhaust them
  2. The church family – A commitment to partner with the Pastor and local church family to aid in building an authentic community of faith that passionately loves God and purposely values people. Church life should give people a genuine sense of belonging where they can develop healthy relationships that enhance shared Christ-centered goals and values.


The Value of Ministry
Developing People


People are the most valuable resource in the world. Jesus Christ came into this world to give His life because people truly matter to God. Every significant contribution that has improved the quality of life we enjoy today has come through people. My leadership style is to provide ministry that will assist people in discovering their uniqueness, developing their gifts and empowering them to use their God given gifts to make a difference in the world. Projects don’t perform ministry. Programs don’t produce ministry. People execute ministry. Therefore the significance of ministry is focused on 2 groups of people.


  1. Lost people – They matter to God – Seek to reach them for Christ. (Matt. 28:18-20)
  2. Believers – They are gifted by God – Seek to equip them with a clear sense of purpose in serving Christ and His mission in the earth. (Eph.4:11-16)


The Vitality of Ministry
Share Life


As breath is the life of the body, community is the life of the church. Community is building healthy relationships where life is shared around common purpose and interests for mutual edification. Relationships are the conduit for sharing life. The purest way we demonstrate the work of God’s grace in the earth is in our relationships. The vitality of New Testament ministry is reflected in practicing an intentional strengthening of the well being of others in God. Therefore ministry must be intentional in efforts to build nurturing relationships that enhance shared goals and Biblical values. Jonathan was intentional about finding David to strengthen him in God and his assignment (1 Sam.23:16). This is living proof, to the world, that we are disciples of Jesus Christ.


“Your strong love for each other will prove to the world that you are my disciples.” Jn 13:35  TLB


“…through love serve one another.” Gal 5:13  NKJ